POS System
What is POS Software?
POS stands for “Point-Of-Sale”, and POS Software is what brick-and-mortar stores and eCommerce stores use to conduct sales. Think of it as your more advanced cash register combined with a computer (or even mobile computing device such as a tablet) where cashiers input the ordered products, tally the cost, and consummate the financial transaction. It can integrate other systems and software, such as accounting apps or eCommerce platforms, or connect with networks and databases to expand your business’ operational flexibility and capability.

  • Dashboards
    • Fully interactive business intelligence dashboards
    • Drag & drop feature to create dashboards in record time
  • Inventory Management
    • Setup Product database for standard, serialized, batch managed, kit, assembly and non-inventory items
    • Items can be marked as non-refundable
    • Inventory Control.
  • Security Management
    • Assign security roles to users
    • Hide non-mandatory Fields
    • Sales person attachment to an individual store