Account Payables Software
Why Invoice Processing System?
  • The main responsibility of the accounts payable department is to process and review transactions from their suppliers. In other words, it is the accounts payables departments Job to ensure all outstanding invoices from their suppliers are approved, processed, and paid.
  • It can become very difficult for companies with many trading partners to keep track of all transactional documents. The department can become overwhelmed with paper invoices and other forms.
  • This can lead to a host of problem including human error during data entry, lost invoices, late payments, invoice duplicates, and even double payments.
  • Electronic Invoicing can be a very useful tool for the AP department. It centralizes all transactional documents in one location on a web server. So they can be easily found and processed.
  • Reduce the cost of invoice processes by increasing the level of automation.
  • Speed processing by lowering the number of days needed to reconcile a disputed invoice.
  • Improve connections with key business partners by accelerating the exchange of accurate, trusted information.
  • Reduce costs by using standardized interfaces to SAP ERP and SAP Invoice Management by Open Text.